Without Fear There Is No Rapture

How many times have you thought about doing something but continuously put it off? Personally, I can count dozens! I’ve always hated that about myself. So one day I said to a friend “I’m shaving my head”. She was all gung ho about it. She was always feeling the same[Read more]

Monkey See, Monkey Do. Does Your Child Imitate You?

Children are a wonderful masterpiece that come into this world. They’re like tiny superheroes that have to learn how to use their special powers. And we’re here to guide them through it. They watch every move we make and at any given moment can try to replicate it.   As[Read more]


My entire adult life there has been one thing I have forever been searching for…. my passion. I’m not talking about the emotional kind. I mean my niche. Why can’t I find something that I love doing. That I believe in. I’ve tried different hobbies, jobs, schooling. Nothing seems to[Read more]

Learn. Grow. Embrace Yourself.

How many of you stick to the same old routine? The same color palette for your clothes, the same hairdo you’ve been rocking for like 10+ years, the same style of clothing.. The list goes on! I’m guilty of every one of those things. I never really thought of myself[Read more]