House Hunting Roller Coaster

We all have dreams Some dream about a grand wedding, traveling the world, I have always dreamed about buying my own home.  I recently turned 30 and it opened my eyes to what adulthood really is and what it can be. Sure, I can spend my money however I want but[Read more]

Age Appropriation and Social Norms

So, I turned 30 a couple of months ago and I have been struggling a little bit. I certainly don’t feel like I should be in my thirties but I also know that I can’t hang with those in their early twenties either. I just don’t have the stamina anymore.[Read more]

My Body, My Belly

    *DISCLOSURE* The following is a mind clearing, self righteous, vent-worthy post. Continue at your own risk.   How many men and women out there have a belly? I don’t mean the flat, barely-there kind. You all know what I mean. The type of belly that rolls over your[Read more]

Budget-Friendly Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can feel like a cursed thing to do especially when you’re on a tight budget but it doesn’t have to get the best of you. With these Budget-Friendly Grocery Shopping Tips and know how, you can get through the trip without breaking a sweat. Let me share with[Read more]

Curly Hair Favorites

As most of you may have noticed, I have curly hair. Growing up curly with no one to teach me what to do was hardly easy. It’s taken me years to figure out how to take care of my curls and I want to share with you my Curly Hair Styling[Read more]

5 Inexpensive Winter Activities to do With Your Kids

The winter season can be awesome with all the holidays and quality family time rolling around but what happens after the new year when, sometimes, the season brings about arctic temperatures that can leave us no choice but to keep the kids inside. Those shiny new toys that Santa brought[Read more]

Confessions of a Working Mom

Every parent knows they would do anything for their child. That little miracle you made from scratch only deserves the best. I am the mother to a wonderful 7-year-old little boy (we will refer to him as Baby D). It’s just the two of us and I do everything I[Read more]

15 Minute Budget Planning

How many people actually know how to utilize a budget? I can tell you from personal experience that while budgeting may be the easiest thing to learn, it doesn’t seem that way if you have never used one. I am amazing at managing my money now, but that wasn’t always[Read more]

D-I-Y Reupholstered chair

Who knew DIY projects were literally easier than baking a pie?? Forever and a day ago I saw a do-it-yourself project for the first time. It popped up on facebook and I remember thinking how gorgeous it was! It was a reupholstered dining chair. It had a classic wood frame[Read more]

Practice What You Preach and Persevere!

As the start of the new school year got into full swing, math homework and all, I found myself telling my son 3 magical words, “practice makes perfect” along with “it’s okay to get frustrated, we’ll try again later”. I had an epiphany! I couldn’t just tell my boy to[Read more]