About Sammy

The inception of Savvy Sammy came from a simple spark; a dream, an ambition, most of all… determination.

Originally, I wanted to use blogging solely as a platform to face my own fears and try to overcome the anxiety that lives inside me. Through writing and interacting with other aspiring bloggers, I realized what I really wanted was to create a place where I could [not only] overcome those obstacles and grow as a person but inspire others and help them step outside their comfort zone.

I want anyone who reads Savvy Sammy to walk away with one thing: a simple spark. Maybe it’s a simple spark of genius or optimism, the possibility that I’ve sparked some inspiration to try a new hobby or learn something new. Perhaps it’s just a tinge of a spark to want tomorrow to be better than today.

Whatever it is, I want everyone to be themselves. Don’t try to be what you think the world needs you to be. I want you to understand that your life doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s the simple things that are life’s greatest pleasures. I want you all to feel inspired. That tiny spark could lead to your biggest success. One simple spark could potentially bring all your dreams to life.

I’m a fun-loving person and mother who is flawed to perfection just like everyone else. I’m sharing some personal inspiration and adventures with all of you in hopes that you see the joy in life.

If you’re stopping by, leave a comment and say hello while you are here! I love interacting and getting to know my subscribers.