Transform Lifeless Jars into Eye-Popping Kitchen Storage

My Inspiration

Last weekend I overhauled my kitchen, so I needed to find some more-practical containers to hold some of my everyday necessities. While “window shopping” on Amazon, I came across these gorgeous red, glass kitchen canisters but I couldn’t justify spending 30 +/- dollars on them. So I hunted down some less expensive ones that I could transform into the ones I wanted.

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Finding a Substitute

It wasn’t the least bit difficult to find an awesome DIY option as a less expensive replacement. I found these Great Gatherings canisters at Big Lots. They come in three sizes: 56oz ($3.50), 46oz ($3.00), and 30oz ($2.50).

Have you done the math? $30 VS $9


To do this project, the only other things needed are paint, paintbrush, masking tape or painter’s tape, scissors, and a sealing medium.

Step 1

Before anything else, wash the jars and let them dry thoroughly. After they are dry, mask off the area where you want your viewing window. I chose to cut the tape to be the same shape as the jars from Amazon. Of course you can mask it off any way you choose. Get those creative juices flowing and use a diamond pattern or circles or stars… this project is so easily subjective to your own tastes!

Mask your jar

Step 2

I chose to use some inexpensive acrylic paint. My favorite is the brand Craftsmart from Michael’s. Obviously, I went with the color red for a nice pop that matches my kitchen décor as well as the canisters where I got my inspiration from. How much you need is very dependent upon how many jars you have and of which sizes. Painting 3 jars of various sizes with 2-3 coats of paint on each, I opted to purchase a 16 oz jar.

For a paintbrush, I went with a bristle brush because it left a smoother finish than the sponge with less visible brush strokes.  

Make sure you let each coat of paint dry before moving on to the next one. If it’s not dry then you will rub the previous layer off with the brush.  The finish on the acrylic paint I used is matte. So if you choose to use the same kind, note that it may appear dull in color before applying the sealer. Once the finishing coat is on, the color will brighten significantly.

Step 3

To finish the project, I sealed the paint with Mod Podge in gloss. I cleaned the paint off my brush and used the same brush to apply the sealer. I put on 2 coats. Once it was dry it was water resistant and easy to wipe clean.  

*Water resistance is different than waterproof. If you submerge these in a lot of water or for any length of time they will get tacky. If you expect to wash them often or will be near water I would consider using a different product to seal the paint.*

The Finished Product

DIY projects are so fun and versatile! In this case I was able to acquire the kitchen canisters that I wanted at a fraction of the cost. In the future if (or should I say when?) I decide to change the theme in my kitchen these can very easily be repainted to match any color scheme I am into at the moment. Total WIN!

I consider these canisters finished but to paint the lids? Or not to paint the lids?

If you loved this project and need some more inspiration feel free to click the “projects” link at the top of the page for other DIY’s I have done.  

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4 thoughts on “Transform Lifeless Jars into Eye-Popping Kitchen Storage

    1. Thanks Tiff! They came out better than I anticipated. And saved a buttload of money making them myself 🙂

  1. Love these!! And that you did it on a budget. 😍😍

    I’m moving in a couple months and this is giving me some great inspo for my future kitchen!

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