Christmas Cookies for Days!


As a child, my family had traditions at Christmas time but they weren’t typical. They were just things we seemed to do the same every year at this time. Now that I have my own child and my own home (which I have had for many years) I have tried to forge our own holiday traditions.

 I’ve always had this fanciful image in my mind of what Christmas should be like. A cliché Christmas Eve dinner, a new ornament for the tree every year, tree decorating being a fun family event, and the most fun being a night of extraordinary cookie decorating!  

Forging our own path

Last night we hit the road running when we decided to start our newest tradition to decorate cookies for Christmas! We stopped at our local supermarket and scooped up all the ingredients we need to make some bomb ass sugar cookies. Now, I’m not going to lie, when I say “we bought all the ingredients to make” them, I mean we bought all the toppings and some pre-made sugar cookie dough from a tube. I’m not the most patient person when it comes to chilling the dough so I took a little help in that department. Semi-home is my specialty. LOL. The cookie cutters are the only thing we already had on hand. I use them for seemingly everything EXCEPT cutting cookies.  

As always, it was just me and my son but we make the best of it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Spending quality time with him is the best thing and everything I need. We don’t have a large family but what we do have is a warm home with a ton of love in it. Big family or small, if you embrace what you have then your life will always feel fulfilled!  

This was our first year doing these kinds of cookies for Santa. Usually we make some plain old chocolate chip cookies or we just buy some festive ones. This year we wanted to impress Santa and make him some stellar, colorful, handmade ones.  

Baking the cookies

The dough was easy to work with just as dough made from scratch would be. Just remember that you want to work with it while it’s still a bit cold so handle it as little as possible. The heat from your hands will warm it up and make it sticky and too thin. NO WORRIES, though! If it starts to get too warm just pop it back in the fridge for a little bit. You can use literally any brand. Being so close to the Christmas, all that was left in my store was the generic store brand and it did the job. It tasted a lot better than other sugar cookies I have had in the past to be honest.  

The cookie cutters

As far as cookie cutters go, I have a collection solely made up of Ann Clark, LTD cookie cutters. They have every shape you could ever imagine. Not to mention, from start to finish they are 100% made in the USA. Not that I am a stickler when it comes to all that political stuff but it’s totally icing on the cake… or cookies in this case.  

I’ve actually visited the factory where they are made and it’s a pretty near process. If you want to check out how they are made check out this video. You can order directly from Ann Clark or you can order my favorite way, through Amazon. You honestly cannot go wrong with Prime. Am I wrong?

Cookie decorating

After cutting out the cookies, baking them off, and impatiently waiting for them to cool we FINALLY got to start decorating.





The best part about cookie decorating is you can use whatever you want. We used some simple icing,candy, and sugar and went to town.

The process was messy but it was a mess I was more than willing to make and clean up. It was so much fun! My son is actually a bit of a challenge when it comes to figuring out activities that he will enjoy for more than 10 minutes. This was a home run.

We laughed and enjoyed decorating cookies for hours!  The cookies came out amazing, so festive and full of love. I know Santa is going to love them!



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