DIY: Chalk Painted Desk

HOLY MOLY! It’s been a minute since I did a DIY post for you guys! I love doing projects. It just takes me forever to find the right one to do. I would love to revitalize and re-purpose furniture but I work full time and just can’t ever justify purchasing pieces just for the heck of it. So mostly I revamp things that I already have or need for my home.

The project

I just finished revamping a desk I purchased at a yard sale for 20 bucks. It was a great desk as it was but the previous owner had done a wacky paint job simply because she said it was too white for her. Lol.  

See… it was a hot mess when I picked it up.  

I’ve had this desk for over a year now. It’s been my go-to workspace and I love it. I am so glad I didn’t go buy a desk at retail because this desk is so ME. Anyway, I stared at it for a year wanting to give it a paint job but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what color to paint it. Did I want to do it one color? Should I paint a design on it? Do the trim a different color? I just didn’t know.  

Has that ever happened to any of you? You wanted to repaint something really badly but just couldn’t seem to get it together?  

My inspiration

A couple of months ago I started following the facebook page of a local furniture flipper/used furniture store. It’s called The Curiosity Shop. It’s owned by a couple, the woman flips the furniture. She’s awesome and has an artistic quality about her that I admire. She posted a vanity that she had repainted and I fell in freaking love with the color! It was like BAM! That’s it. That’s the color. The photo to the left is the vanity that inspired me. I definitely recommend you check them out! Great people to work with and the prices are more than fair.  

The color I chose to paint my desk was Aubergine. It’s a deep purple chalk paint from the Dixie Belle Paint Company. You can find it on their website or if you are from the area you should just pick some up at The Curiosity Shop. You would be supporting a local business as well as saving time and money on any shipping.  

I decided last minute that I needed to add an accent color to offset some of the purple so I chose a metallic silver wax. It’s a small container but it will last forever. I purchased mine from Michael’s as suggested by The Curiosity Shop. It cost about $7.99 but I had a 50% off coupon. I only waxed the organizer inserts but I might still accent the edge of the desktop. But for now, I love the way it turned out.  

It’s all in the details

When I originally bought the desk all the drawer pulls were a generic wood painted white. I purchased these silver ones from Home Depot and changed them out right after I brought it home. What an immediate difference they made! *NOTE* I tried to link the ones I purchased but I they were not listed on Home Depot’s website. They may have them available in store*

Original drawer pulls

Upgraded drawer pulls  

The finished product

There are a couple of spots that I dinged and need to touch up but, overall, I kind of like the imperfect look. This project was super easy with the chalk paint because it didn’t require any prep work. It is also said to be self-leveling paint so brush strokes are less visible. One of the best things about it is it dries in 30-60 minutes. So, it didn’t take me long to get 2 coats of paint on this baby.

Chalk paint is naturally a matte finish but you can seal it with a glossy coat if you want to. The only downside is that for this paint to come to its fully hardened state it has to cure for 30 days. You can still use your furniture you just have to be careful of anything that could scratch the surface. I have a soft sheet covering it until curing is finished.


Some other tools I needed when I was doing thing project were:

-a scouring pad (to buff the paint after it dries)  

-screwdriver (to remove the hardware)

-water (to keep the chalk paint the right consistency. The longer it is exposed to air, the thicker it gets) 

-paintbrush (obviously) 

-drop cloth (to prevent spills on your floor)

Most of the additional tools are items most people already have lying around the house. If you don’t have any of these you will find them at a local hardware or department store.

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Chalk Painted Desk

  1. What a gorgeous desk and love the colour you chose! I’ve got a little desk but more just a table top so I love the upper compartments you have. So great for pens and pencils…you know, to keep them safe from the ‘asshole’ cat? I have one of those too by the way and his favourite thing is throwing my mouse and pens on the floor! Anyway, great post.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback debrah. I am always appreciative. I love tabletop desks. Sometimes I feel like my compartments get in the way but it’s removable so I can change my
      Mind later 🙂 the drawers definitely protect my belongings that the cat tries to steal. Love that you can relate lol.

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