House Hunting Roller Coaster

We all have dreams

Some dream about a grand wedding, traveling the world, I have always dreamed about buying my own home.  I recently turned 30 and it opened my eyes to what adulthood really is and what it can be. Sure, I can spend my money however I want but for some reason it just never occurred to me that I don’t have to dream anymore. I have the ability to make every goal I have come true! Have you ever sat down and just thought about what life is? How, now that you are truly “grown up”, you can be in control? It’s simple but mind boggling all that the same time.  

The emotional roller coaster!

I started researching home buying and have actually taken several steps in the direction of achieving my life-long goal. As a single person and parent, I knew that acquiring a property would be a challenge but not impossible. I am actually finding it more challenging to cope with the emotions that accompany the process itself.  

You just never know if you are truly making the right decision. I’ve found a few properties that I am in love with but there is always something not quite right about them. A feeling, I’m sure, everyone endures while searching for the right home. They are either too expensive or in the wrong neighborhood. I also often worry about making the wrong decision. For instance, what if I go all in and purchase a house thinking it’s the right one but down the road I find that it wasn’t for one reason or another? Or what if I pass up a house because I think something better will come along and I end up missing out on what actually was the perfect house? There are a million more thoughts that run through my head on a regular basis. It can be overwhelming to say the least.  

Going through this process on my own makes me feel like superwoman, though; like I can do anything. On the flip side, I also feel as though it’s more frustrating doing this alone. I don’t really have a support system so I constantly bounce thoughts and feelings off of the random people I have in my life. They’re all supportive but it’s not the same as someone being there to hold your hand through the whole thing; be it a friend, lover, or family member.


I keep telling myself not to let my emotions and overly analytic brain get in the way of making my dream come true. Cliché as it may sound, everything will happen when it is supposed to. I am confident in that. 

Do any of you have any first-time home buyer advice? Sharing any tips or tricks you have learned through the experience would be awesome to hear.  

Can anyone out there relate to being a single parent and trying to make this dream happen for themselves? I know I can’t be the only one.  

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