5 Inexpensive Winter Activities to do With Your Kids

The winter season can be awesome with all the holidays and quality family time rolling around but what happens after the new year when, sometimes, the season brings about arctic temperatures that can leave us no choice but to keep the kids inside. Those shiny new toys that Santa brought can only be played with so many times before they want something new to occupy their time. To combat those wintery blues, I have compiled a list of 5 Inexpensive Winter Activities to do With Your Kids. These are things that my son and I do often and thoroughly enjoy. Through a child’s eyes the simplest of activities can be the most rewarding (especially if it means they can hang out with Mom or Dad).


BowlingBowling is a favorite for me and my son. We both love the sport and do it year-round but winter is when we really have at it. Depending on the weather, it may be something we do every weekend. You really can’t go wrong with bowling. It’s incredibly underrated. Not only is it inexpensive (at our bowling alley the two of us can enjoy 2 games of bowling and shoe rentals for about $20) but it’s FUN! There’s snacks (which you can either bring yourself or purchase there), music, and lots of silly shenanigans such as dancing, striking a pose, or even doing the jig when you get a strike. It’s truly a versatile fun time suited for children and adults alike.


Sledding – In my opinion, sledding is the best winter activity of all time. Again, it’s fun for those young and old. You can find a bunny hill that’s easy for small children or those with disabilities to navigate or you can go sliding down the Mount Everest of sliding hills! Not only is sledding fun for all but it also involves a fair amount of exercise. How many times have you worked out and laughed and thought how fun it was? Invite some friends or family members to join you and you can help them fight cabin fever too.


Game Night – Get out some board games. While having a good time, you can also disguise the game as an opportunity for learning. Such as learning to count (since most games utilize the numbers 1-12). Games such as monopoly can teach your children how to handle and count money. Game nights can be amazing social nights. You can invite friends over and make a party out of it. You also don’t have to limit yourself to board games or just games at all. How about karaoke? You don’t have to have a karaoke machine or even a microphone to have a good time singing sloppily with your pals. A rousing game of charades or Pictionary would be great too! Life is what you make of it. As long as you are having a good time it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing.


Crafts – The beauty of crafts is that you can utilize whatever materials you have on hand. Do you recycle? Use the material you would have taken to the recycling center and re-purpose them instead. The crafts don’t just have to entertain but they can also be educational for your kids. One of the simplest examples is making a vortex or a tornado in a bottle. It entertains the kids and teaches them a little about science all at once. All you need are 2 bottles. They can be large or small but preferably both should be about the same size. All it requires is filling one of the bottles with water then connecting the 2 bottles together at the spout with a water-tight seal (I have used hot glue and some duct tape for reinforcement). Another play on that would be making sensory bottles. You can fill a bottle with water and add anything you like to it. You can use crafty supplies like glitter or confetti but you can also use something you might always have around the house like some kind of cooking oil and/or food coloring. Then, you simply cap it off. If you want a more permanent seal you can hot glue the cap on. Children’s minds are always curious and always willing to learn.


Child’s play – Maybe leaving the house isn’t an option or you don’ have any materials on hand to do any crafts. Why not build a blanket fort or play toys with your child? Lots of times our children try to get our attention but, for whatever reason, we make excuses or have other things to do during that time. Blistery, winter days are perfect for child’s play. My absolute favorite thing to do with my son is to do things with him that I used to do as a child. Blanket forts were at the top of my list. They can be small, cozy tents or we can go all out and see how much of his bedroom or the living room that we can cover! Heck, maybe we even have sleepovers in said forts. These moments often pass us by and we really need to soak it all in while we can. I’m definitely guilty of letting them slip away but the arctic weather we have been having for over a month has really given me the chance to understand what I let myself miss out on. Anyway, Child’s play is yet another great chance to slip in some at-home learning opportunities. Blanket tents are a fantastic way to incorporate reading into your child’s life especially if they intentionally try to get out of it every chance they get. My son is famous for that. But for some reason, changing the environment and reading by flashlight makes it seem like so much more fun.

blanket tent

I hope this list of 5 Inexpensive Winter Activities to do With Your Kids will be helpful. There is so much more to do out there and so many variations of these activities that the list could be endless. You all have a creative side and I have no doubt that this is just a jumping off point to curing your cabin fever.

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