Confessions of a Working Mom

Every parent knows they would do anything for their child. That little miracle you made from scratch only deserves the best. I am the mother to a wonderful 7-year-old little boy (we will refer to him as Baby D). It’s just the two of us and I do everything I can to keep our distinctive, little family thriving.

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As with most parents, I work full time. While I am at work my son goes to school and to daycare. When Baby D was younger that meant he was with a babysitter for 9 hours a day. That’s 45 hours a week (including my commute) that someone else was raising my little nugget! It’s sad to think about. I still wish I could be more involved in his day but it’s much easier now that he is in school. I don’t have to feel so much like his daycare provider is more his mother than I am. Lucky for me, she’s awesome and I am beyond grateful to her and her family for treating Baby D like their own.

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One of the hardest parts of working full time is missing out on my son’s daily routine. Yeah, we have our own time but I hate missing out on major parts like going to school. Once in a while, though, daycare will be closed and I get to come off the bench and partake in his day. Today was one of those days! I don’t take for granted the handful of days each year when I get to experience sending my son off to school with an “I love you” and seeing his smiling face when he comes out with all his friends. It’s the most rewarding feeling


Sometimes being a parent is the worst but you know what? More often than not, it’s the best! There is no better reason to keep charging through the difficult days than thinking of all the good you are doing for your child. It’s true that working 40 hours a week sucks when it means missing out on valuable time watching your child grow; but think of how much better their life is because of all that you sacrifice

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Working Mom

  1. I really enjoyed your blog post. It hit home for me because as a single mother of two I am constantly missing out on my girls day to day activities.

    1. I am so glad you liked it Deja. I love connecting with other single parents, mothers especially. While I don’t like to relish in anybody’s challenges, it is comforting to know you’re not alone. I hope I can write more posts of this nature in the future. Thank you for your support! 💛

  2. The ‘sacrifices’ is the operative word. God will reward you for all that you do as a mother and provider. And thank you for further encouraging me on my most intimate blog yet, titled “Sharing my Personal Scar.” I am now your follower so that I can remain encouraged by your words. Cheers

  3. Although I’m not a single parent, there are days I certainly feel like it. My husband works long hours so all of the responsibility falls on me once I get home from work. Some days I relish in the few hours I get with my son after work and other days I’m so mentally exhausted from my day, I can’t wait for for bedtime; only to then feel guilty for not doing more with him in those few hours I did have. Being a mom is tough; being a single mom is harder, but you’ve clearly figured it out and are giving your son a great life. Kuddos to you!

    1. You know it Carla! I totally feel your position too. I see it all the time and while you may have a person to lean on, I have no doubts that it’s sometimes just as much of a challenge. Mothers do what mothers do… push through 💪🏼

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