Practice What You Preach and Persevere!

As the start of the new school year got into full swing, math homework and all, I found myself telling my son 3 magical words, “practice makes perfect” along with “it’s okay to get frustrated, we’ll try again later”. I had an epiphany! I couldn’t just tell my boy to keep trying when I knew I wasn’t following my own advice.

I was trying to teach myself how to use photoshop because I love to take pictures. I will photograph anything in hopes that just one shot comes out nice enough to share with friends and family. It was frustrating when one picture looked amazing but there was a stray person lurking around or in another, finally everyone was smiling but the damn background was cluttered.

After watching countless Youtube videos about photo editing I took a leap into using photoshop and failed, miserably.  I felt like no matter how hard I tried I simply could not grasp any concept of the program so I gave up and never looked back… until now. You know what made me try again? My son. Every Wednesday I see him frustrated when it comes to school work. Math in particular. What do I always tell him? To keep trying. If you get frustrated, walk away then come back to it. PERSEVERE!

The next day I sat down and took some initiative to learn how to use photoshop. My first re-try was a total flop. Even so, I realized that regardless of another failed attempt, I had still accomplished more than I had last time!
Here we are a few weeks later and I feel like I have moved mountains! I absolutely have miles more to go but I pushed through my frustration and managed to get through editing a photo. The color saturation is a wee off but the photo has definitely improved in composition.

This is the original photo. It has too many distractions. The sea foam and other sailboats on the horizon (which look like dots)


And the finished product. The color saturation of the water is a little on the purple side but with the sea foam gone and the horizon cleaned up it looks so much better. Obviously, it’s not perfect but I’m proud of what I have accomplished in just a week!

first edit

No matter what you’re trying to work through embrace your small victories!

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