Adventure Time! Touring Vermont Sugarhouses

Spring is in the air! And sugaring season is in full swing. Some people associate maple syrup with Canada but the truth is, Vermont is where it’s at.  This weekend we celebrated Vermont maple open house weekend. Two days of sugar houses opening their doors to the public to learn[Read more]

What Happened When I Tried on Clothes I hate?

Not long ago, I used to shop for clothes in a way that I thought was logical and assumed was the “right” way. I only chose clothes that I liked. I tried them on, if they didn’t work, I would go find something else I liked and try that on.[Read more]

Transform Lifeless Jars into Eye-Popping Kitchen Storage

My Inspiration Last weekend I overhauled my kitchen, so I needed to find some more-practical containers to hold some of my everyday necessities. While “window shopping” on Amazon, I came across these gorgeous red, glass kitchen canisters but I couldn’t justify spending 30 +/- dollars on them. So I hunted[Read more]

DIY: Faux Top Sheet

I am constantly looking at home décor photos from places like Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV, and Pinterest. Bedroom decor is my favorite! The first thing that ALWAYS catches my eye is the bed. Regardless of the color scheme, the one thing that [I feel] really makes it pop is[Read more]

Christmas Cookies for Days!

Traditions As a child, my family had traditions at Christmas time but they weren’t typical. They were just things we seemed to do the same every year at this time. Now that I have my own child and my own home (which I have had for many years) I have[Read more]

Our Visit to The Cidery

My favorite time of year is when my older brother comes to visit. It’s exciting because each time it’s during a different time of year. We get the chance to enjoy different celebrations and holidays. This year, he came up Labor Day weekend. We had a whole week to go[Read more]

DIY: Chalk Painted Desk

HOLY MOLY! It’s been a minute since I did a DIY post for you guys! I love doing projects. It just takes me forever to find the right one to do. I would love to revitalize and re-purpose furniture but I work full time and just can’t ever justify purchasing[Read more]

Crayola Air Dry Clay

When I was out shopping for my son’s birthday gifts I stumbled across Air Dry Clay by Crayola. I was about to grab the “regular” kind when I saw this in the same section. It’s amazing because I am used to the clay that has to be baked. This is[Read more]

Tie Dye Twins

It’s that time of year! Summer is upon us and there are too many fun times to be had. After a rough winter being couped up we have been soaking up as much fresh air as we can. I’ll openly admit that I have been slacking on blogging because of[Read more]

Confessions of a Single Mom: Dating

The single parenting club can seem like the loneliest place on the planet even though there are millions of us giving our all for our children every single day. Most of the time I find myself adapting to life as it comes at me but there are just some things[Read more]